A collection of fauna and flora by Steve Hill

These pages contain a collection of images, most with identification (common name, scientific name and location) of a range of fauna and flora. Each section is presented in alphabetical order and there is a built in search function. Sections include birds, insects (including separate butterflies, caterpillar and moths sections), spiders, mammals, reptiles, marine life, fungi, plants and a few showing various environmental features! The images were collected worldwide, but mainly in the UK, Malaysia, Mexico and the Caribbean.

You are welcome to use these images for educational use freely under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Licence (see below). However, please attribute the image to Steve Hill, and on-line use must be accompanied by a link to http://www.wildlife-images.co.uk - as required by the licence.

I hope you enjoy looking at these images - a 'snapshot' of the beauty and diversity of natural systems!

This site is always evolving and your comments are welcome. My sincere thanks to those who have helped me identify the individual species - as listed in the acknowledgements.

Please send me details if you can help identify any of the unidentified species and also let me know if you find any errors!





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